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Full training in the use of Cubase Pro, Wavelab, Halion, VSTI, FXs, etc ..

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Technical records, Home Studio Setup
Sound Mixing
Editing audio, midi and Mastering
How to build a song?
How to arrange an already written composition ?




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You have a recording project for one of your compositions? Looking for an arranger , a composer, either for you or another artist?  For a song, an album, or even movies, TV or Web advertisement soundtracks? Or you just have a vague idea … but don’t know what to do with it !

Leave it to Rémi! With more than 20 years of experience in this field, I can take in charge the whole process, from the initial conception to the final product: – always respectful of the deadlines; – with a flawless finish; – and all with a personalized touch !

Do not hesitate to contact me for a custom quote

« I want it to be done by you ! »  Allright, my competency and golden ear are at your service :

Hourly rate

1/2 day 4 hours

1 day 7/8 hours

40 €

120 €

250 €

Recording session of one instrument by the artist 1 song 150 €
Recording session of one instrument (Guitar, Piano, vocal, backs, voice over etc…)  by me 1 song 100 €
Mix package

Musical arrangement/ Mix  (+ 15 % Sacem rights per song) promotion for the first song

Arrangement / Mix  for the next songs

1 song

1 song

1 song

400 €

500 €

800 €

Composition / Arrangement / Mix : promotion for the first song

Composition / Arrangements / Mix  (50 tracks max) for the next songs

Package Album : please contact me

1 song

1 song


500 €

800 €


More than 50 tracks (Classical Orchestration) : please contact me
Mastering 1 song 50 €
Musique for the image (creation/mix/master) per mn 250 €
Video Montage or audio/video – please, contact me
Consulting : coaching vocal, instrus, studio per hour 50 €
Prices for arrangements and compositions with transfer of rights: please contact me
Training Steinberg products
Cubase, Wavelab, Mix, VST, VSTi : 50 € / h
Package : Please, contact us for further details




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