Rémi Orts Project – The Temples Valley

14 April 2015

2015 Rémi Orts Project - The-Temples-Valley-450x450

"The Temples Valley" is the sequel to "A New Golden Age". Enchanting melodies will soothe you from the strains of modern life. You will travel around the world aboard a magic...

Rémi Orts Project & Alan B – The Glass Fortress

15 January 2015

2014 Rémi Orts Project & Alan B - the-glass-fortress-recto-450x450

Ievgueni Zamiatine – 1884 – 1937 Brave New World, 1984, The Wall, Equilibrium and more recently Hunger Games, modern culture is haunted by the spectre of extremely well-organized societies whose apparent...

Christmas Catalan

21 November 2014

2014 noel-catalan-450x450

I composed the music for this project. Many Catalan artists such as Nayah, Albert Bueno, Karyne Lopez and Marisa Delonca brought their voices and talent to this Unique Southern Christmas Carol....

Rémi Orts Project – A New Golden Age

9 September 2014

2014 Rémi Orts Project - a-new-golden-age-recto-450x450

At the crossroads of classical and New Age musics, this instrumental album will take you in the whirl of a changing world, where earth, air, fire and water peacefully dance in...

Hot’Mix – Forever

5 June 2014

2014 Hot'Mix - forever-450x450

Two singers, Laurent Escolano and Phong Phu N'Guyen in a mix DanceFloor Single : 1 Forever (Radio Edit) Download the album here

Neva – Reborn

1 April 2014

2014 Neva -  Reborn-450x450

Neva, well known rock band from South of France spreads its wings with new singer and new style Tracklist : 1 Ride me 2 Pass the day 3 Magic and mystic...

Rémi Orts Project & Zara Angel – Illusia Part 1

15 January 2014

2014 Rémi Orts Project & Zara Angel - Illusia-450x450

This first volume sets the scene of “Illusia”, a universe where nothing is real and yet everything is, like the two opposite faces of a coin. The power of attraction of...

Rémi Orts Project – Prophecy

10 December 2013

2013 Rémi Orts Project - prophecy--recto-450x450

An amazing journey of prophecies around the world, with many surprises that await you in this album Tracklist 1 Human Spirit 2 Chen and the Emperors 3 The Legendary Lady 4...

Rémi Orts Project – The Voice of Ledonia

1 September 2013

2013 Rémi Orts Project - the-voice-of-ledonia

Instrumental and relax newage Music Tracklist : 1 Neptuna 2 The voice of Ledonia 3 Take the world in my hand 4 Désirs 5 Drylands of the past 6 far away...

Hot’Mix – El Boca Boca

11 May 2013

2013 hotmix-el-boca-boca

The hit summer of 2013, full of sun. The band with their two singers (Laurent Escolano and Phong Phu N'guyen) has recorded a first single in 2013 with two promising songs...

Rémi Orts Project & Zara Angel – States of Souls

15 December 2012

2012 Rémi Orts Project & Zara Angel - State-of-souls

What can be unveiled about this new album? A very personal world full of magic, a progressive rock music and an angel voice... The rest has to be found out by...

Rémi Orts Project & Zara Angel

20 December 2011

2011 Rémi Orts Project & Zara Angel - the-mystic-land-of-zeza

Rémi's first encounter with Zara Angel, first steps between a French composer and a Belgian interpreter. Zara is a female singer with a broad voice spectrum, from a melodious whisper up...