Rémi Orts Project – NDE

23 May 2018


One day, like the humanity that preceded us and the one to come, each of us will be confronted with "the afterlife". Indeed, stuck between the paradise of souls and the...

Phaz – Coup de Foudre

1 February 2018


                  Phaz is a french band from Perpignan, France with originals songs A Rock / Pop style with multiple influences, with french lyrics...

Alina de Brocéliande – De l’ombre à la lumière

4 September 2017


"From the Shadow to the Light" is an album imprinted with magic and mysteries. We discover the emotional journey of Alina (her doubts, her fears, her joys, her melancholy, etc ...)...

Tensui & Rémi Orts Project – Dawn in GEO

4 September 2017


This is the new CD of my japanese friend Tensui Dotmusic, I had the pleasure of arranging two instrumental songs Tensui : Sitar, Surbahar, composer Rémi Orts Project : arrangements Producer...

Seasons II – The Last Chance

19 March 2017


The spring equinox is the time of year when night and day have the same duration. It is a tipping point between darkness and light ... Equinox takes place this year...

Rémi Orts Project – The Wipers

15 September 2016

The-Wipers- Front cover

Well, there we are... The Wipers have finally arrived ! They have taken life under the pencil of cartoonist Paco Salamander, rythmed by a specially composed music by Rémi Orts, produced...

Neva – God Bless America

2 June 2016


The band was formed in 2000 from the south of France. With this third album, Neva, was more influenced by the Heavy rock or the American  Rock with the use of...

Rémi Orts Project – We are not alone in this universe

15 April 2016


UFO enthusiast, fascinated by the mysteries of the cosmos, Rémi Orts embarked on the track of this global event to turn it into a universal and electronic ode. His new album,...

Rémi Orts Project & Patrice Locci – Blue World

21 January 2016


Rémi Orts and Patrice Locci, two composers forming one only. Working together becomes obvious when the influences, experiences and techniques are common. This is why it did not take to much...

Nayah – N’efface pas demain

7 November 2015


French candidate at the 44th annual Eurovison song contest, Nayah is back with a new repertoire, more rock, more symphonic, proving once again her huge talent. Tracklist : 1 - N'efface...

Marisa – Small Tin Soldier

15 September 2015


Chorister of DJ Assad and Greg Parys in the dance hit “We are One”, Marisa is a young singer from the South of France endowed with an exceptional voice. “Small tin...

Rémi Orts Project – The Temples Valley

14 April 2015

2015 Rémi Orts Project - The-Temples-Valley-450x450

"The Temples Valley" is the sequel to "A New Golden Age". Enchanting melodies will soothe you from the strains of modern life. You will travel around the world aboard a magic...