Music soundtrack

New video clip

30 January 2016 |  0 comment |  

Born from the meeting of two composers: we are both Sounde engineers and passionate by movie soundtrack From the album "Blue World", preserve the beauty of the earth

Blue World

Life is better in blue

21 January 2016 |  0 comment |  

Born from the meeting of two composers: Patrice Locci, Artist musician, sound engineer of AJL Recording Studios Toulouse - France, professional drummer and multi-instrumentalist who has big references in live and studio sessions. His website: AJL Recording "Blue World" is an instrumental music album with 14 tracks with very different colors. An album realised with new remote recording technology (VST connect)....

The Glass Fortress

The short film coming soon

29 December 2015 |  0 comment |  

The long-awaited adaptation of Zamyatin’s WE, coming soon.

Story, story-board, artistic direction and narration : Alan B Photography, special effects, film editing: Fanny Storck Music, sound effects, soundtrack editing: Rémi Orts Starring: PA Pt, Amélie DS, Julien Prost, Axel Bourret, Alexandre Bourret Alan B & Fanny Storck :    

Rémi Orts Project & Patrice Locci

Interview by Rodie Purple Prod

15 November 2015 |  1 comment |  

Interview by Rodie Purple of Patrice Locci and Rémi Orts. Patrice is a famous drummer who worked with some great French artists such as Michel sardou and Florent Pagny. Throughout this interesting exchange, you will discover Patrice and Rémi's respective careers, their affinities, and most of all their current partnership, an instrumental album near completion.

In Studio with Nayah

9 November 2015 |  0 comment |  

Representing France at the 44th annual Eurovison song contest, Nayah has never ceased since to enchant an ever-growing eclectic audience, both in France and abroad. After her album "I Am" released in 2013, Nayah is now working with a new team. From this fruitful collaboration  a new album came to light, profoundly human and full of positive thoughts. A new world...

New Collaboration

4 October 2015 |  

New collaboration with Patrice Locci, we are composing a complete instrumental album  

New Video on line

9 July 2015 |  

New Music Video on my Youtube channel. The video was made by my German friend Lena. My heart felt thanks to this creative artist who put pictures on my music, with such an accurate sensibility, always respectful of the original spirit

The Temples Valley

New Instrumental Album

1 June 2015 |  

Here it is, my new instrumental album. "The Temples Valley" is the sequel to "A New Golden Age". Enchanting melodies will soothe you from the strains of modern life. You will travel around the world on a magic carpet woven with the delicate lines of a musical stave. Hover over ancient civilizations, visit their temples an discover their hidden mysteries.

The Glass Fortress

A Zamitiane Novel Adaptation

15 January 2015 |  

New album : Brave New World, 1984, The Wall, Equilibrium and more recently Hunger Games, modern culture is haunted by the spectre of extremely well-organized societies whose apparent perfection conceals dark dictatorial worlds. If this formal exercise is known to all, what is the intimate origin, the true source of its inspiration? In fact, everything comes from a small Russian sci-fi...

Catalan Christmas

1 December 2014 |  

I composed the music for this project. Many Catalan artists such as Nayah, Albert Bueno, Karyne Lopez and Marisa Delonca brought their voices and talent to this Unique Southern Christmas Carol.

A New Golden Age

New Instrumental Album

9 September 2014 |  

At the crossroads of classical and New Age musics, this instrumental album will take you in the whirl of a changing world, where earth, air, fire and water peacefully dance in harmony. A New Golden Age is a source of inner peace for the souls and music lovers in search of serenity.

My Webradio

1 September 2014 |  

I've got my own Webradio, You can listen my full albums 24/24