Preparation of the new album in collaboration with Patrice Locci

8 May 2017 |  

Visit to the studio AJL Recording in the Tarn to present "No Limit"

New album of Rémi Orts Project

Seasons II - The last chance

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"Seasons II, the last chance" is the sequel of my first newage album "Seasons" released in 2010. But why a sequel? Simply because far from improving, things get worse on the front of climate change, and among all the challenges that humanity has to face at the beginning of this millennium, this one is crucial. In the scientific community, by 2050,...

Teaser of Seasons II

New video on line

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19th March 2017 New Album

Rémi Orts Project & Alan B

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End of year promotion

Buy 1 album, get 1 free

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Buy one of my albums in digital version and you will receive another one for free (limited offer for a purchase between 18 and 31 December 2016 on my website store) The free album will be sent separately, after receipt of your choice by simple message indicating the reference of your purchase

Screening of the short film « The Glass Fortress »

Céret 26-11-2016 14h30

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New webstore on line


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In addition with downloads albums, you can buy on my webshop Tshirts for women and men in different colors and sizes, but also mugs, buttons or hats. Click here to access on my online store Tshirts and Accessories

Meeting with a cartoonist

Paco Salamander

28 August 2016 |  0 comment |  

Have you ever heard of the Wipers, some very curious little furballs endearing but also irritating? No? You should, however, for it is they that who will inhabit the earth when the human being will have disappeared from the surface! The Wipers were born out of the imagination of Paco Salamander, a professional cartoonist who just signed with YIL Edition the...

The Short Movie

"The Glass Fortress"

16 June 2016 |  0 comment |  

Dystopias : Back to origins Short film directed by Alan B, Photography and editing by Fanny Storck, Music and Sound Effects by Rémi Orts Project. In a relatively distant future, we can estimate around 3100 after Jc, D-503 is an aeronautical engineer in the service of the One State. D-503 live in the city of glass, city surrounded by a wall...

3rd place top 50 radios this week

"We're gonna be ready"

18 May 2016 |  

Good news ! "We're gonna be ready", the first track from my lastest EP "We are not alone in this universe" ranked 3rd place top 50 radios this week. Thanks to Paco Salamander for the planetary promo, Jeanluc Galiana for the beautiful picture album and the radio partners, Mandala Chakras from Radio Arcadie and Gary Dean Purifory from MTR.

A new concept album of Rémi Orts Project

15 April 2016 |  0 comment |  

Are we really alone in this universe ?

UFO enthusiast, fascinated by the mysteries of the cosmos, Rémi Orts embarked on the track of this global event to turn it into a universal and electronic ode. His new album, "We are not alone in this universe" sets out the artist's theory in 12 musical themes directly inspired by authentic audiotaped testimonies, which can be listened to throughout the album....

My webradio évolue

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If you want to listen to a relax radio with beautiful voices, take a ride on my Webradio, you will discover from time to time my own productions. Good listenning !