Composer, Arranger and Multi Instrumentalist

logo-carré-neva-prodNeva Prod: Singles and albums release, Radio Production, Promotion on Social Networks

Rémi Orts Project: Instrumental Newage Music, Progressive, World. Advertisement and commercial musics and ambient sounds. Movie soundtracks. Collaboration with various artists

Nevada Studio: Recording, Mix, Mastering, music soundtracks


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Computer music: Certified trailer Steinberg products
steinb_2-2Full training in the use of Cubase Pro  & Wavelab Pro
How to build and arrange a song, add sound effects ?
Sound mixing, editing and mastering. Customized training.
Setting up your home studio
Distance and e-learning

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Rémi Orts Project & Zara Angel – Breakout

28 October 2020 |  0 comment |  

Rémi Orts Project & Zara Angel – Breakout

New single with the Belgium artist, Zara Angel Tracking list : Breakout

Rémi Orts Project – Cinematic (from the shadow to the light)

21 September 2020 |  0 comment |  

Rémi Orts Project – Cinematic (from the shadow to the light)

I am starting with this new album a new adventure, the soundtrack music. If you have looked through my entire discography, this style is often present in my discgraphy. After composing the soundtrack of two short films, I continue to explore this multifaceted universe with this first album of a new series is none other than the instrumental adaptation of Alina de Brocéliande's first album, and she gave me the idea to do it. "From the shadow to the light" is dark, mysterious and captivating, so you will pass from shadow to the light without noticing it. Like my other albums,...

Alina de Brocéliande – Sortilèges

21 September 2020 |  0 comment |  

Alina de Brocéliande – Sortilèges

This is the third album that I compose with Alina. It is always a pleasure to create for her, she has a great human and artistic sensitivity. This great dreamer defines herself as a "Witch Pop" artist and builds her universe around mysteries, counts, beliefs, the paranormal, esotericism and legends. Album on the theme of magical practice and highlighting spells and incantations based on books that have shaped his experience of the practice.You will discover the secret and the law of witches, protective spells to protect your home or hunt negativity, how to remember correspondences, what incense to use, invoke the...

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