New album 15th 2022
New album 15th 2022
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Composer, Arranger and Multi Instrumentalist

logo-carré-neva-prodNeva Prod: Singles and albums release, Radio Production, Promotion on Social Networks

Rémi Orts Project: Instrumental Newage Music, Progressive, World. Advertisement and commercial musics and ambient sounds. Movie soundtracks. Collaboration with various artists

Nevada Studio: Recording, Mix, Mastering, music soundtracks

Nevada Studio uses Sound ID reference like more than 100,000 studios worldwide, click on the link above for more information

Training offer

Computer music: Certified trailer Steinberg products
steinb_2-2Full training in the use of Cubase Pro  & Wavelab Pro
How to build and arrange a song, add sound effects ?
Sound mixing, editing and mastering. Customized training.
Setting up your home studio
Distance and e-learning

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Rémi Orts Project – Cinematic II (Roma Imperiale)

23 April 2021 |  0 comment |  

Rémi Orts Project – Cinematic II (Roma Imperiale)

Roma Imperiale is the second album in the Cinematic series. It is devoted to ancient Rome in a epic and soundtrack music style It contains 12 paintings (12 titles), from Pompeii to the Catacombs of Callixtus, via the Coliseum of Rome and its famous Gladiators. Like the others, you can download it  in the store of this website Tracking list : 1 - Gladiatore 2 - Ut hora sic dies nostri super terram 3 - Pompeii 4 - Roma Imperiale 5 - Marius and Sulla 6 - Catacomb of Callixtus 7 - Dominus Vobiscum 8 - Rogate pro nobis 9 -...

Neva – God Bless America

2 June 2016 |  0 comment |  

Neva – God Bless America

The band was formed in 2000 from the south of France. With this third album, Neva, was more influenced by the Heavy rock or the American  Rock with the use of a lot of guitars riffs in the denser parts. Track list : 1 Over 2 Esmeralda Bay 3 Double Face 4 Fight 5 My Enemy 6 Show me your tits 7 Skull of Fire 8 The Oil 9 The Shadows of California 10 Wild City 11 Win a Million Download the album here


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