New album 15th 2022
New album 15th 2022
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Zara Angel
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Composer, Arranger and Multi Instrumentalist

logo-carré-neva-prodNeva Prod: Singles and albums release, Radio Production, Promotion on Social Networks

Rémi Orts Project: Instrumental Newage Music, Progressive, World. Advertisement and commercial musics and ambient sounds. Movie soundtracks. Collaboration with various artists

Nevada Studio: Recording, Mix, Mastering, music soundtracks

Nevada Studio uses Sound ID reference like more than 100,000 studios worldwide, click on the link above for more information

Training offer

Computer music: Certified trailer Steinberg products
steinb_2-2Full training in the use of Cubase Pro  & Wavelab Pro
How to build and arrange a song, add sound effects ?
Sound mixing, editing and mastering. Customized training.
Setting up your home studio
Distance and e-learning

Andrew Scheps and me

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Rémi Orts Project – Peacefull Moments (The Ocean story)

11 January 2019 |  0 comment |  

Rémi Orts Project – Peacefull Moments (The Ocean story)

"Peaceful Moments" marks the beginning of a serie of albums with a newage and ambient style, a journey into the world of relaxation, on the border of meditation, with a theme mainly about nature for each production. In this first opus, I chose to make you discover the history of the Oceans. The selected sounds transport you into your own story, you are the actor of the sound movie that takes place in your ears. I did not want to include real sounds of nature, but I rather added real sounds of instruments mixed together to make you imagine them throughout...

Phaz – Coup de Foudre

1 February 2018 |  0 comment |  

Phaz – Coup de Foudre

                  Phaz is a french band from Perpignan, France with originals songs A Rock / Pop style with multiple influences, with french lyrics Recordind, mixing and mastering : Rémi Orts - Nevada Studio         Composers : Rémi Orts, Matthieu Gélis Lyrics : Franck Geffray, Pierre Suchet, Alain Varlet, Patrick Do Singer : Eric Angelats Guitars : Matthieu Gélis, Rémi Orts Bass : Patrick Do Drums : Nicolas Seilles Track list 1 Mauvais Rêve (music : Rémi Orts - lyrics : Franck Geffray) 2 Toujours là (musis : Rémi Orts -...

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