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Composer, Arranger and Multi Instrumentalist

logo-carré-neva-prodNeva Prod: Singles and albums release, Radio Production, Promotion on Social Networks

Rémi Orts Project: Instrumental Newage Music, Progressive, World. Advertisement and commercial musics and ambient sounds. Movie soundtracks. Collaboration with various artists

Nevada Studio: Recording, Mix, Mastering, music soundtracks

Nevada Studio uses Sound ID reference like more than 100,000 studios worldwide, click on the link above for more information

Training offer

Computer music: Certified trailer Steinberg products
steinb_2-2Full training in the use of Cubase Pro  & Wavelab Pro
How to build and arrange a song, add sound effects ?
Sound mixing, editing and mastering. Customized training.
Setting up your home studio
Distance and e-learning

Andrew Scheps and me

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Rémi Orts Project – Reverse the universe

15 January 2022 |  0 comment |  

Rémi Orts Project – Reverse the universe

Who has never dreamed of changing the thread of life when the distance with the loved one has become too great: to see again a disappeared loved one, to find back this unforgettable broken love, to meet someone, to feel the same emotions ... Reverse the universe leads you to a nostalgic break on a progressive rock sound Tracking list 1 Let me breath your air 2 My swell 3 My tower 4 The maze 5 Friends of the night 6 Reverse the earth 7 Babel Lyrics : Laurie Fromont Music : Rémi Orts

Phaz – Coup de Foudre

1 February 2018 |  0 comment |  

Phaz – Coup de Foudre

                  Phaz is a french band from Perpignan, France with originals songs A Rock / Pop style with multiple influences, with french lyrics Recordind, mixing and mastering : Rémi Orts - Nevada Studio         Composers : Rémi Orts, Matthieu Gélis Lyrics : Franck Geffray, Pierre Suchet, Alain Varlet, Patrick Do Singer : Eric Angelats Guitars : Matthieu Gélis, Rémi Orts Bass : Patrick Do Drums : Nicolas Seilles Track list 1 Mauvais Rêve (music : Rémi Orts - lyrics : Franck Geffray) 2 Toujours là (musis : Rémi Orts -...

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