Rémi Orts Project & Zara Angel – Web of desires

24 March 2019

New single of Zara Angel & Rémi Orts Project You can buy it in the store of this website Track 1 - Web of desires

Rémi Orts Project & Zara Angel – Illusia Part 1

15 January 2014

This first volume sets the scene of “Illusia”, a universe where nothing is real and yet everything is, like the two opposite faces of a coin. The power of attraction of...

Rémi Orts Project & Zara Angel – States of Souls

15 December 2012

What can be unveiled about this new album? A very personal world full of magic, a progressive rock music and an angel voice... The rest has to be found out by...

Rémi Orts Project & Zara Angel

20 December 2011

Rémi's first encounter with Zara Angel, first steps between a French composer and a Belgian interpreter. Zara is a female singer with a broad voice spectrum, from a melodious whisper up...