The Temples Valley

New Instrumental Album

1 June 2015 |  

Here it is, my new instrumental album. "The Temples Valley" is the sequel to "A New Golden Age". Enchanting melodies will soothe you from the strains of modern life. You will travel around the world on a magic carpet woven with the delicate lines of a musical stave. Hover over ancient civilizations, visit their temples an discover their hidden mysteries.

The Glass Fortress

A Zamitiane Novel Adaptation

15 January 2015 |  

New album : Brave New World, 1984, The Wall, Equilibrium and more recently Hunger Games, modern culture is haunted by the spectre of extremely well-organized societies whose apparent perfection conceals dark dictatorial worlds. If this formal exercise is known to all, what is the intimate origin, the true source of its inspiration? In fact, everything comes from a small Russian sci-fi...

Catalan Christmas

1 December 2014 |  

I composed the music for this project. Many Catalan artists such as Nayah, Albert Bueno, Karyne Lopez and Marisa Delonca brought their voices and talent to this Unique Southern Christmas Carol.

A New Golden Age

New Instrumental Album

9 September 2014 |  

At the crossroads of classical and New Age musics, this instrumental album will take you in the whirl of a changing world, where earth, air, fire and water peacefully dance in harmony. A New Golden Age is a source of inner peace for the souls and music lovers in search of serenity.

My Webradio

1 September 2014 |  

I've got my own Webradio, You can listen my full albums 24/24

“Symphonia” on FR3 TV

10 July 2014 |  

Thanks to France Television for using one of my songs from my album "Symphonia"

New Project, New Collaboration

12 June 2014 |  

Here is a part of the new parisian team for the next Rémi Orts Project  


First concept Album with Zara Angel

6 January 2014 |  

This first volume sets the scene of “Illusia”, a universe where nothing is real and yet everything is, like the two opposite faces of a coin. The power of attraction of a nearby threatening black hole is difficult to resist. Will you choose to fight back or slide toward the unknown? Or will you just stay stuck between two worlds, trapped...

Shooting Photo

with Zara Angel

30 December 2013 |  

Shooting photo with Zara Angel


Prophecies of Rémi Orts Project

17 October 2013 |  

This is my new album called "Prophecy" another incredible journey into the world of prophecies. Thanks to Alain for his voice on "Himaya" and Dam for their choirs on "Prophecy".

“State of Souls” signed with Musea Records

20 December 2012 |  

What can be unveiled about this new album? A very personal world full of magic, a progressive rock music and an angel voice... the rest has to be found out by yourself. Since their first opus, the duet has gained in maturity and complicity for the greatest pleasure of fantasy and music lovers. This album is signed with MuseaRecords, the first...

Zara Angel

First album in collaboration with Zara Angel

20 November 2011 |  

  Did you ever have a moment when you wanted to escape the reality and find yourself in another world? Everyone has that from time to time. So we put on some music to try to relax, but sometimes even then our imagination cannot flow as it should do. Zara Angel and I have created an album of biographical songs together...