New templates for Cubase Pro

11 January 2020 |  0 comment |  

I built two new templates for Cubase Pro Fully programmed, pre-mixed with effects, vca, subgroups, etc. Templates can be downloaded in the shop of this website Rock Style II & EZ Drummer Template To use this template, you must have Cubase pro 10 or higher and EZ Drummer II Template Rock'n'roll 60' 70' To use this template, you must have Cubase...

Alina de Brocéliande

New album

21 September 2019 |  0 comment |  

To release her album "The Shadows" that is going to be out for Mabon 2019, Alina has surrounded herself with authors, creators and musicians, including: Patrice Locci, famous drummer, Patrice has joined the adventure and participated in the musical process of 3 tracks of the album "The Shadows". The quality and the precision of the drums Patrice proposes us is just...

Peaceful Moments (Reign of the forest)

Rémi Orts Project

15 September 2019 |  0 comment |  

"Reign of the forest" is the second album of the series "Peaceful Moments". Discover the vast expanses populated with trees, in temperate, cold or tropical zone, the forests fascinate by their mysterious and sometimes very dark universe. Often, they are the refuge for creatures, animals of all kinds but also for human who sometimes protect them, but often destroy them. Feel...

New album of Neva

rock US

7 May 2019 |  0 comment |  

At the end of june 2019, the fourth album of the band in which I am a guitarist will be available This 8 tracks in an American rock style will make you travel to the great American spaces On sale on this website and on the main download platforms Come see us in live!

Composing, recording, training remotly

Yes it's possible

2 April 2019 |  0 comment |  

Since a few years, I propose to artists, musicians, composers to work remotely with the VST Connect System developed by Steinberg for Cubase Pro. If you have Cubase Pro, I can record live guitar tracks or check your mixes. But for me, the main advantage is to compose, record with the artist, remotely,  building together a project until the final product....

New single in collaboration with Zara Angel

24 March 2019 |  0 comment |  

New single in collaboration with Zara Angel, a Belgiam female singer with angel voice After a few years of absence, the Duo come back with a very emotional song, mix of romance, rock and sensuality Discover on the mainly digital platforms and on the webstore of this website

My new youtube artist channel

11 January 2019 |  

My Youtube channel gets a new look this year since it becomes my official artist channel, with all my streaming discography thanks to Youtube Music, as well as a space dedicated to discussions between you and me, called "community". Feel free to leave your messages and comments, I will answer with pleasure.

New serie of albums for Rémi Orts Project

Peaceful Moments

11 January 2019 |  0 comment |  

"Peaceful Moments" marks the beginning of a serie of albums with a newage and ambient style, a journey into the world of relaxation, on the border of meditation, with a theme mainly about nature for each production. In this first opus, I chose to make you discover the history of the Oceans. The selected sounds transport you into your own story,...

Templates for Cubase Pro

5 January 2019 |  0 comment |  

Being a certified trainer for the prestigious Steinberg software company, I've done for Cubase Pro users the opportunity to discover and use templates that I have created specifically for them. What is a template ? , simply a file (cpr) that you open with Cubase Pro where everything is already set, tracks, effects, pre-mix, So you can get: Two Rock templates...

Rencontre avec PADG

Comic Festival

8 October 2018 |  0 comment |  

Meeting with Pierre Alain De Garrigues, as PADG with whom I collaborated for "The Wipers", a cartoon created by Paco Salamander PADG is 45,000 voices, including those of the Hobbit in the Lord of the Rings, the Guignols of the info, Mr. Propre, Adibou, World of Warcraft, etc .... but also actor with Luc Besson

Meeting with Etienne Tremblay

19 September 2018 |  0 comment |  

Etienne is a famous sound engineer and composer. We met at his home in his studio in Montreal. We have obviously spoken a lot about the musical business, his job as a trainer and youtuber specialized in MAO. He is a  pro sound engineer, Etienne works worldwide. We found things in common. Here is a little video where humor is always...

Spotify : Follow me

10 August 2018 |  0 comment |  

Follow me and discover my world across my discography and my playlist Spotify curators and users aren't the only ones making playlist on Spotify. Artists are too.    Relaxing Sounds Playlist by Rémi Orts Project