Cinematic III


16 January 2023 |  0 comment |  

  Here is the third part of the Cinematic series with "Eclipse" It's a journey in space that I propose to you, album integrating a soundtrack publisher library

New Partnership

Blob Audio

19 December 2022 |  0 comment |  

Blob Audio is a french company, spcecialised in guitare and bass software VSTi Plug in, open the Fat Blob and play the guitar where you want, when you want… With the guitar tones you want !

Cubase Pro

Template Rock Punk Style

16 October 2022 |  0 comment |  

Here is a template for Cubase Pro 12 and higher in a Rock/Punk/Metal style You'll be able to use it with the Pro 10 and 11 versions, but you won't get all the effects as the new Raiser Limiter Template requiring EZ Drummer 3 without additional banks Pre-mixed, configured with VCAs, many parallel compressions, sub groups, effects and chaining in the...

Masterclass with Andrew Scheps

Mix with The Masters

29 September 2022 |  0 comment |  

I lived for a week what is a paradise for sound engineer Yes, a 7-day masterclass with Andrew Scheps is a marathon. 8 hours of studio time daily, hundreds of questions, hundreds of answers about mixing, the effects he uses, advices on music production, contracts, rights, anecdotes, etc... But who is Andrew Scheps, he is a sound engineer who has worked...

New collaboration


17 September 2022 |  

  I often say that meetings never happen by chance, here is another example Naamwin came knocking at my door I discovered a single voice, a singular and sincere personality with a universe that was just waiting to flourish, tinged with Soul, Pop and Folk. Here is his first single, I hope his little voice will make you travel  

New partnership

Joué Music Instruments

16 June 2022 |  0 comment |  

Joué Music Instruments is a French company based in Bordeaux The design and manufacture of their products are unique with a respect for the environment Joué play is not really an instrument or a controller, it's all at once The Pro option and their different pads opens up new doors for the expressiveness and control of our virtual instruments. With MPE...

New Artistic collaboration

Lesley Anne Evans

12 June 2022 |  0 comment |  

Message from Lesley Here we go my lovelies. I could have waited but as it's starting to be available I just wanted to share. I've posted the Spotify link below but here it is again - You'll need a Spotify account. Now also available on YouTube. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. DREAMS CAN COME TRUE XX As the picture below isn't...

Nouvel album instrumental de Rémi Orts Project

Desert wind

14 April 2022 |  0 comment |  

  Back to instrumental music on the theme of deserts. Newage and relaxing music tinged with electronics with many ethnic instruments that give a beautiful oriental color Buy the album in this site

Cubase 12

les news

19 March 2022 |  0 comment |  

Cubase 12 out now ! Here is a complete review of this new incredible version Thanks to Frédérique Marques from Steinberg France for the demo Buy Cubase 12 Cubase Pros Francophone Mao Trucs et Astuces AudioWarp improvements Editing workflow improvements Raiser, new limiter Sample accurate volume automation Import tracks from project improvements Audio export with sidechain support Logical editor improvements Verve...

New template

Dance - Electro

19 March 2022 |  0 comment |  

To use this template, you must have Cubase Pro 11 or higher All sounds, instruments are from Cubase Pro 11 Mixed and set Buy it here

Rémi Orts Project – Reverse the Universe

New album

15 January 2022 |  0 comment |  

New album out now Who has never dreamed of changing the thread of life when the distance with the loved one has become too great: to see again a disappeared loved one, to find back this unforgettable broken love, to meet someone, to feel the same emotions ... Reverse the universe leads you to a nostalgic break on a progressive rock...

My Shared Studio

The solution for remote dialing

13 December 2021 |  0 comment |  

I recently met a dynamic team with a great project, this is "My Shared Studio", THE artistic collaboration platform, online Here is a presentation