Rémi Orts Project – Respire

Inhale, focus and breathe, then let yourself be guided
Here is the new Rémi Orts Project, between meditation and relaxation

Available as usual on the main digital platforms, but also as a physical album on the Inouï distributor’s website, in Fnac and Cultura stores

To buy the album in physical CD, here are the links : The Distributor, Fnac Webstore



Rémi Orts Project


Relax Music


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The new release of Rémi Orts Project


28 May 2023 |  0 comment |  

The new release of Rémi Orts Project

Hello, I present to you the zen music album entitled RESPIRE. This collection of ten tracks will take you on a peaceful and relaxing sound journey, creating a soothing and meditative...

Cinematic III


16 January 2023 |  0 comment |  

Cinematic III

  Here is the third part of the Cinematic series with "Eclipse" It's a journey in space that I propose to you, album integrating a soundtrack publisher library

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