Tensui & Rémi Orts Project


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Tensui : Sitar, Surbahar, composer
Rémi Orts Project : arrangements
Producer : Jinkouan

The Izu Peninsula, about 20 million years ago  was a submarine volcano group of several hundred km south Japan.
The volcanic island created on the Philippine Sea plate move north with the plate.
Eventually collided with Honshu (Japan main land)
It became the shape of a peninsula like the present
It is an event from 600,000 years ago.
Dawn in GEO – This is a story of oceanographic topography.

天水 new CD-PV「大地の夜明け」Youtube でそうぞ


DAWN IN GEO = これは海洋地形学の物語です。

Track list :

1 – Dawn in Geo Pt 1

2 – Dawn in Geo Pt 2


Rémi Orts Project, Tensui


NewAge / World

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