Rémi Orts Project – Cinematic (Roma Imperiale)



Roma Imperiale is the second album in the Cinematic series. It is devoted to ancient Rome in a epic and soundtrack music style

It contains 12 paintings (12 titles), from Pompeii to the Catacombs of Callixtus, via the Coliseum of Rome and its famous Gladiators.

Like the others, you can download it  in the store of this website

Tracking list :

1 – Gladiatore

2 – Ut hora sic dies nostri super terram

3 – Pompeii

4 – Roma Imperiale

5 – Marius and Sulla

6 – Catacomb of Callixtus

7 – Dominus Vobiscum

8 – Rogate pro nobis

9 – Audaces fortuna juvat

10 – Dynasty

11 – The first triumvirate

12 – Herculaneum


Rémi Orts Project


Epic, Soundtrack

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