Template Cubase Pro – EW Hollywood strings 2 + Hollywood Orchestra Opus VST3



Template for Cubase Pro 13 or higher You must own EW Strings 2 and Hollywood orchestra Opus edition
Available :
– Template EW Strings 2
– Template new version of EW Hollywood Orchestra Opus édition


Classique, Epic


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Nouvel album de Rock progressif

Rémi Orts Project

6 April 2024 |  0 comment |  

Nouvel album de Rock progressif

The album "Emotional Release" is a profound exploration of human emotions through the prism of progressive rock. Each song offers an immersive experience, ranging from powerful emotional surges to moments of...

Relax Music Album


19 February 2024 |  0 comment |  

Relax Music Album

  Inspire is the sequel of "Respire", an album of relax music, on sale in this website

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