Rémi Orts is a composer arranger, multi-instrumentalist from the south of France. He is a member of the SACEM (Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Éditeurs de Musique) and he is specialized in instrumental new age music, progressive rock , Soundtracks and Sound design.

Rémi is passionate about music since his young age. Creation is for him a vital need, a kind of expression, communication. His mother, who was a piano teacher, taught him to play piano. Then he learned to play guitar, bass and drums. He studied harmony, music theory and afterwards computer-assisted music.

Moreover, Rémi is a trainer certified Steinberg, a prestigious German company of music computerized softwares. He trains Cubase users and helps them to improve their knowledge in musical production.

He works with 2 publishers of music libraries and one of them get of a large part of his catalog. The titles signed are intended for music for the image, French and foreign TV, films, short films, etc… Some artists for whom he composes are also signed in edition.

His style is unique, each album has a single color, a single soul. He likes to develop a theme that it describes in music. He is sometimes a music documentary designer. The matters he deals about are linked with unexplained experiences and phenomena, and according to his collaborations, look like testimonies, messages.

Rémi finds his inspiration in different kinds of universes, such as rock, new age, classic or celtic music, electro, world, lounge, folk, ambiance…

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I would like to say thank you to the Steinberg company  and the various partnerships