Rémi Orts Project & Zara Angel – States of Souls

15 December 2012

What can be unveiled about this new album? A very personal world full of magic, a progressive rock music and an angel voice…2012 Rémi Orts Project & Zara Angel - State-of-souls

The rest has to be found out by yourself. Since their first opus, the duet has gained in maturity and complicity for the greatest pleasure of fantasy and music lovers. This album is signed with MuseaRecords, the first European label for progressive rock, and distributed in physical CD worldwide.

Tracklist :

1 Up in te sky

2 What did I’ve done

3 My guardian angel

4 Fire and ice

5 The sirens cry

6 Ghostly town

7 Just for you

8 The path

9 I know you

10 Enlighteen

11 The trident of Poseïdon

12 Twinkling stars

13 What did I’ve done (radio edit)

Download the album here

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Rémi Orts Project & Zara Angel

Rémi Orts Project & Zara Angel

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