Rémi Orts Project & Zara Angel – Illusia Part 1

15 January 2014

This first volume sets the scene of “Illusia”, a universe where nothing is real and yet everything is, like the two opposite faces of a coin. 2014 Rémi Orts Project & Zara Angel - Illusia-450x450The power of attraction of a nearby threatening black hole is difficult to resist. Will you choose to fight back or slide toward the unknown? Or will you just stay stuck between two worlds, trapped in your doubts? Illusia will wake your feelings by putting them to the test. Illusia is the Time of questions. In other words, when your soul is at stake, will you make a rational choice, listen to your heart.. or leave your destiny to chance by tossing a two faced coin in the air…?

Tracklist :

1 Illusia

2 Lost in my ghost

3 Never alone again

4 Give me back my heart

5 Between two worlds

6 The seducer

7 The hunger

8 The mask

9 Sensuality

10 Soul agreement

11 Black hole

12 Break out

13 Awakening

Download the album here

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Rémi Orts Project & Zara Angel – States of Souls

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