Rémi Orts Project – We are not alone in this universe

15 April 2016

We-are-not-alone-in-this-universe-450x450UFO enthusiast, fascinated by the mysteries of the cosmos, Rémi Orts embarked on the track of this global event to turn it into a universal and electronic ode. His new album, “We are not alone in this universe” sets out the artist’s theory in 12 musical themes directly inspired by authentic audiotaped testimonies, which can be listened to throughout the album. The CD artwork was created by Jean-Luc Galiana, cartoonist. It is precisely his latest comic book released in 2013 that inspired the composer. “Heubeheu” tells on a humorous tone the story of the surviving Roswell creature.

Rémi Orts also asked Alan B. to write the prologue. Mandala Chakras and Alina from Radio Arcadia lent their voices for the French narratives, and Gary Purifory fromMTR Radio for the English ones. With this new album, Rémi Orts invents a new art form: the musical documentary.

Original and convincing, his approach should not leave the listeners indifferent.

At the end of the last note of the album, the conclusion is obvious : We are definitely not alone in the universe!

For more information on the aforementionned contributors to the project, follow the links below:

Jean-Luc Galiana

Radio Arcadie

MTR (Metaphysical Talk Radio)

Tracklist :

01 – Intro

02 – We’re gonna be ready

03 – July 1947

04 – The Crash

05 – We are not alone in this universe

06 – Witnesses

07 – Operation blue fly

08 – Som1-01

09 – Majestic 12

10 – The nurse

11 – E-B-E Examination

12 – Birthplace world of the domain

Download the album here

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