Rémi Orts Project – Peacefull Moments (The Ocean story)

11 January 2019


“Peaceful Moments” marks the beginning of a serie of albums with a newage and ambient style, a journey into the world of relaxation, on the border of meditation, with a theme mainly about nature for each production.

In this first opus, I chose to make you discover the history of the Oceans. The selected sounds transport you into your own story, you are the actor of the sound movie that takes place in your ears. I did not want to include real sounds of nature, but I rather added real sounds of instruments mixed together to make you imagine them throughout listening to this less-known story of the creation of oceans and mysteries that surrounds it.

Take few moments during the day to relax, sit down or stand quietly up on the subway, after work, plug your headphones and listen to this album in a row, enjoy the moment.

Tracking list :

1 Origins

2 Oceanic zones

3 Saguenay river

4 Emergence of life

5 Waves and swell

6 Algae

7 Limits of seas

8 Haumea

9 Standing in the water

10 Nature’s cycle

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