Rémi Orts Project – Peaceful Moments (Stratosphere)

13 March 2020

The trilogy « Peaceful moments » comes to an end with this third opus.

After « The ocean story » musically relating the creation of the oceans, « Reign of the Forest » about these places indispensable to our planet and that is the second opus whose album is in the best newage music productions top 25 by Aural Awakenings (a famous English radio and website dedicated to this music style) here is « Stratosphere ».

The Stratosphere is the lung of Earth, the area of the upper atmosphere, currently weakened by the global warming. The ambiance of this album is very spatial, a kind of musical awareness about the climate change. Rémi Orts Project, very attached and sensitive to these abnormal variations created by Human, tries once again (ref: Seasons: The last chance) to transcribe into music the beauty of our Earth, its elements and the concern of scientists about the extreme meteorological phenomena that we are experiencing and that will make our earth sterile in the fast-moving future.

Tracking list :
1 – Cosmos illusion
2- Magellanic clouds
3 – Stratosphere
4 – Solar eclipse
5 – Event horizon
6 – Above beauty
7 – The space voyager
8 – Magnetic aura
9 – Move into another dimension

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