Rémi Orts Project – Emotional Release

6 April 2024

The album “Emotional Release” is a profound exploration of human emotions through the prism of progressive rock. Each song offers an immersive experience, ranging from powerful emotional surges to moments of contemplative calm.

Musical Style: “Emotional Release” offers a rich blend of progressive rock, with complex sonic textures, dynamic arrangements and moments of contemplative calm. The poignant words of three authors, Alain Varlet, Laurie Fromont and Emilie Bermond capture the full range of human emotions.

Artistic Message: Through each track, “Emotional Release” explores the depth and diversity of human emotions, inviting the listener to connect with their own emotional experience. Whether it is the search for forgiveness, the quest for simplicity, or the contemplation of the ephemeral, the album offers a sincere and authentic exploration of the human condition.

“Emotional Release” is much more than just a progressive rock album. It is an emotional and introspective work of art, offering the listener a captivating journey through the twists and turns of the human soul.

You can buy the album in digital version in the webstore on this website

Tracking list :

1 Emotional release

2 Simple life

3 Pardon

4 Universal student

5 The power of illusion

6 Alone in paradise

7 Dans vos yeux

8 The bridge

9 On the edge

10 Ephémère

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