Neva – Reborn

1 April 2014

Neva, well known rock band from South of France spreads its wings with new singer and new style2014 Neva - Reborn-450x450

Tracklist :

1 Ride me

2 Pass the day

3 Magic and mystic

4 Babylon

5 Sex tape

6 Just smoke

7 The rules of the poker game

8 Intro of the master

9 The dirty beast

10 I’m down

11 The jewels queen

12 One more time

13 Scream the dream

Download the album here

Neva – Hit the road

Neva – Hit the road

7 May 2019

“Hit the road” is the fourth album of the french band Neva In a pure American Rock style, the 5 members of the band distill a powerfull rock music.

Neva – God Bless America

Neva – God Bless America

2 June 2016

The band was formed in 2000 from the south of France. With this third album, Neva, was more influenced by the Heavy rock or the American  Rock with the use of...

Neva – Game Over

Neva – Game Over

9 November 2009

Version 1 of my rock band Neva with Laurent N'Dong Ondo singer, a Rock Progressif style with a lyrical voice style Tracklist : 1 End of time 2 I've got the...

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