Alina de Brocéliande – The shadows

21 September 2019


To release her album “The Shadows” that is going to be out for Mabon 2019,
Alina has surrounded herself with authors, creators and musicians, including:
Patrice Locci, famous drummer, Patrice has joined the adventure and participated in the musical process of 3 tracks of the album “The Shadows”. The quality and the precision of the drums Patrice proposes us is just amazing! He gives an established genre for these songs which deserved to have a real soul. The 3 tracks are: “Le Maître du Temps”, “Double Peine” and “Le Lapin Noir”!
Laurie Fromont, author of many texts for artists, Co-author of 2 songs on the album “The Shadows” which are “Le lapin noir” and “A la lueur des candélabres”. Laurie offers a universe that perfectly complements with the one of Alina. Mysterious, dark and full of voluptuousness, she considers these 2 tracks as the soul of the album!
and Allyenor Digandal, poetess and witch. Co-author of the song “Invocabo Drago” on the album “The Shadows”, Allyenor offers Alina a wonderful theme for the creation of the invocation of the dragon. Her nice enchanting pen, poetry, strength and magic allow the song to bring us to another world! 
The year 2019 was dedicated to create this new opus of 9 titles with Rémi Orts managing the music. During our various music sessions, we worked on pairs to allow this new album to come to life! We hope you are going to like it? Footages to produce different videos are also going to resume service, especially for the song “Grimoire Secret” with a brand new team, based next to Nantes.
Special thanks to those who gave their voices to the song “Coven”: Mandala Chakras, Patricia Pret, Opakiona Blackwood, Claire Reliance Joelle, Cécile Metge, Allyenor Digandal, Cynthia Civet, Marie Rou, Marion Bernard, and Yuuki Red.

Tracking list :

1 The shadows

2 Double peine

3 Le Maître du temps

4 Invocabo drago

5 Le lapin noir

6 Le manoir

7 Ensorcelée

8 A la lueur des candélabres

9 Le coven

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