Rémi Orts Project – Désire

6 July 2024

After Respire and Inspire, here is Désire.

Each piece on this album is carefully designed to induce a state of deep relaxation, thanks to slow rhythms, harmonious chords, and soothing ambient sounds. The album comprises ten tracks, each offering a unique and serene auditory experience.

Listening to “Désire” provides numerous benefits. Its slow rhythms and gentle basses help lower heart rate and blood pressure. The soothing melodies and ambient sounds of the album are perfect for promoting restorative and high-quality sleep. Additionally, this album is ideal for accompanying your meditation, yoga, or massage sessions, creating a serene and harmonious soundscape.

You can incorporate “Désire” into your wellness routines in various ways. Listen to the album during your moments of rest or in the background while you work to maintain a state of calm and focus. Use it to create a soothing routine before bedtime and facilitate falling asleep.

We invite you to discover “Désire.” Whether to relax after a long day or to accompany your meditation practices, this album is an ideal companion for anyone seeking inner peace and serenity.

Your mind and body will thank you.

Tracking list :

1 Aura zen

2 Désire

3 Espace zen

4 La caresse du silence

5 Zen attitude

6 Sentier de méditation

7 Zen bliss

8 Zen horizon

9 Zen tranquility

10 Zen vibrations

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