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Interview on Radio Arcadie – The Mysteries of the UFO’s with the presentation of the album “We are not alone in this universe”
Interview on Radio Arcadie - 09th sept 2016

Interview Radio Arcadie BELGIUM with Alan B – The Glass Fortess album

Interview Radio CLN USA with Zara Angel

Review of « The Glass Fortress » on Radio Atlanta USA

Interview France Bleu

Interview Radio Musicos – Part1 – Part 2

Radios playing the music of Rémi Orts Project :

Atinéa nature
France bleu
Fréquence relaxation
Im Radio
In the mood music
Metaphysical Talk Radio
Radio Magico
Radio Arcadie
Radio Gaia
Radio Musicos
Radio Ornithorynque
Radio Plenitude
Radio Universal
Rise FM
Ss Radio
Tone Air Radio
Traxx FM
Wica Radio
Witches channel radio
WVLP Valporadio

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Preparation of the new album in collaboration with Patrice Locci

8 May 2017 |  

Preparation of the new album in collaboration with Patrice Locci

Visit to the studio AJL Recording in the Tarn to present "No Limit"

New album of Rémi Orts Project

Seasons II - The last chance

19 March 2017 |  0 comment |  

New album of Rémi Orts Project

"Seasons II, the last chance" is the sequel of my first newage album "Seasons" released in 2010. But why a sequel? Simply because far from improving, things get worse on the...

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